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HD LED Displays

HD LED Displays are these one which pixel pitch is less than 2.5mm and even small size LED display has high resolusion.

These LED displaysare most commonly used for video conferencing and presentation rooms, television studios, advertising agencies, V.I.P. showrooms, etc.. Last but not least, these HD LED video screens are especially suited to build TV monitors larger than 100 ", which are beyond the reach of LCD / OLED TVs, without breaking the picture brightness using the latest technologies such as HDR (High-Dynamic -Range) and a resolution reaching a stunning 8K.

The LED screens in this class that we offer are configurable 16: 9 (TV standard), 21:9 (cinema standard) for video images, but at the same time in size and configuration specified by the client .

For professional applications, the video screen can be mounted fixed but also movable, and for this purpose mounted on its own floor stand. The screen can also be combined with a touch sensor for interactive applications.

HNX series(Indoor)

HNX 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5

600X337.5 mm

1000 nits

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