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The most capable folding drone on the planet
Starting as just as €1495
In production -availability information coming soon




EVO II comes standart with 7100mAh rechargable battery. Providing up to 40min of flight time in forward motion and 35min at hover. EVO II also use our patented Battlock systems to guard against battery ejection in high-speed maneuvers or hard landings.



Control your drone up to 9km away. not all users will ever need to travel this far. But a longer range, also means a strong signal, keepeng you connected in crowded urban signal, keeping you connected in crowded urban environments and thick forests.



12 computers vision sensors controlled by a dual-core processor and AI machine learning creates omni-directional protection. Begin detecting potential hazards at up to 30 m away and let EVO II accurately control the speed of the drone to avoid a collision. Or leave the avoidance off, and use the radar feature to give the pilot more information on the environment while still being in full control.


Use the same 12 computers vision sensors keeping you safe, EVO II can navigate itself in all directions while avoiding obstacles. Giving you the flexibility to control the drone how you want, while giving you the option to turn on and airial film crew at the tap of a button.

So go ahead, go on that hike, and left

EVO II do it's job.

The only 8K folfing drone on the planet. Capture content at resolution up to a masive 8000x6000. This resolution gives users the flexibility to print over 100 inches wide. Grab incredible screenshots, punch-in, scale or display on masive monitors up close. Lossless in-camera zoom up to 4x.

With 8K there are no limitations.


A 1 inch sensor with 6K resolution. Capture stunning detail not previously possible on a aerial platform of this size.

An adjustable aperture, HDR and intuitive camera controls make this the perfect choice for any aerial cinematographer or mapping pilot


With termal resolution up to 640x512 and an 8K sensor

EVO 2 becomes a workhorse. First responders, contractors, and business owners finally have a compact and

portable tool that gives them the data they been asking for.

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