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You plan on creating a showroom, updating a storefront, building a retail outlet - LED video walls are the new standard in interior and exterior design. We all know that video advertising is eye-catching at times more than stationary arrangements or just plain banners or posters. Although a higher initial investment, an LED video wall will have a striking effect on attracting customers to your store. Continuous image in the desired shape, transparent LED screen with equal visibility on both sides - all the most extravagant wishes will be fulfilled.

Among the advantages of LED screens are:

- Wide viewing angle without loss of color or image distortion

- Smooth color from any distance. The image is not pixelated as with traditional LCD screens

- High Refresh Rate - for smooth playback with almost 3.5 times the brightness of traditional LCD sources.

- With lower design and installation costs, LED screens have a longer life and ease of use than traditional large-scale screen solutions.

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